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Reinsurance Programs and Regulatory Advisory

We specialise in implementing reinsurance programs, facilitating program intermediation, and transferring insured risks within Mexico taken by international entities. Our advisory services cover regulatory guidance for foreign insurance and reinsurance entities seeking to assume risks within Mexico.

Tailored Reinsurance Solutions

We develop and customise model clauses for reinsurance operations We design coverages offered by foreign entities, especially in cyber risks, maritime, aviation, defective products, D&O, and other financial lines, for their implementation in Mexico. We ensure interpretation and application of reinsurance contracts align with global market standards and practices.

Registration Assistance and Representation

Our services extend to assisting foreign entities in becoming authorised foreign reinsurers to manage Mexican risks. We support underwriters and aid in establishing representative offices.

Business Scheme Design for Insurance Sector Entities

We've actively contributed to designing business models for companies linked to the insurance sector. This involves entities offering assistance services, extended warranties, managing medical services (TPAs), and providing complementary or auxiliary services such as medical services, towing, discount cards, and more.

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