We craft and execute litigation strategies while actively engaging in both judicial and out-of-court negotiations.

Expertise in Civil and Commercial Procedures

Our specialised and experienced team handles civil and commercial procedures - including Amparo - before local and federal courts across the nation. We focus on resolving both large & complex claims and mass business issues.

Representing Insurers in Dispute Resolution

We represent (re)insurers in specialised commercial arbitration proceedings related to insurance and reinsurance. Our services extend to mediations and other dispute resolution mechanisms. We also assist insurers and market participants in administrative disputes, challenging penalties imposed by regulatory bodies like the National Insurance and Bonding Commission (CNSF) and the National Commission for the Protection and Defence of Financial Services Users (CONDUSEF).

Conciliation Representation

Our involvement includes representing clients in conciliation procedures before relevant authorities.

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Who we are

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We’re a broad-based commercial firm serving a wide range of sectors with a strong heritage in insurance,
health and real estate. We combine excellent legal skills and cutting-edge delivery expertise to design
solutions that fit the needs of our clients – often involving clever uses of technology.

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