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Every business has an important role to play in reducing its impact on the environment and contributing to social sustainability, and we are no exception. This presents sizeable challenges in terms of time and resources, and changes to business behaviours. But this is what being a Responsible Business entails, and we have embraced this through a variety of new policies, programmes and initiatives.

We have commitments in place to reduce our carbon impact, we have thriving volunteering programmes to support charities and local communities, and increasing numbers of our lawyers have used their skills, pro bono, to provide access to justice for charities and individuals.

This isn’t just about ‘doing the right thing’. Thriving communities drive the wider economy which is ultimately good for businesses, including ours. The wider corporate Value Chain requires businesses to work collaboratively to reduce carbon emissions. Helping disadvantaged people through volunteering enables our colleagues to enact their personal Purpose, and this connects directly to our Purpose as a firm: “to help our clients and our colleagues succeed, creating sustainable value”. Our clients and our colleagues look to our firm to take action on sustainability.

I am proud of our actions as a responsible business, and I hope that you enjoy reading about what we have been doing.

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Virginia Clegg, Senior Partner

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