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At DAC Beachcroft, we specialise in advising insurance institutions, reinsurance intermediaries, national and international reinsurers on determining the eligibility of claims under insurance and reinsurance contracts.

Our extensive experience lies in effectively managing and legally overseeing insurance portfolios for federal, state, and municipal public entities, as well as accounts with high claims from both public and private insured parties.

We offer tailored advice on underwriting and the creation of innovative products, including coverages and intricate risk management strategies. We design and tailor coverages for insurance policies and reinsurance slips across all business areas in which our clients engage.

We provide expert legal support for compensation eligibility and loss adjustment under various industries' insurance and reinsurance contracts. Our focus remains on handling large and complex claims within sectors such as maritime, oil, energy, transportation, aviation, telecommunications, and infrastructure.

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We’re a broad-based commercial firm serving a wide range of sectors with a strong heritage in insurance,
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