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Like you, we are passionate about the exciting opportunities and entertainment that digital media and creative content provides through the internet and mobile apps. But we also understand that creators and consumers alike often face important legal, technological, and commercial challenges, too. Our experts are here to help you succeed in a fast-evolving area.


We work across the full spectrum of digital media, entertainment, and technology sectors. Whether you are a content creator, broadcaster, purchaser, or any other licensor or licensee of digital media, we can help advance and protect your business.

Digital Media is rarely “business as usual” – you need specialist lawyers who understand your industry and can cut through the noise to provide pragmatic, responsive advice.

Our media and technology experts advise on the whole range of digital media matters. Advertising and brands, digital platforms and streaming services, e-sports and gaming, film and TV, (including VOD and IPTV) music and podcasts, publicity and endorsements are just some of the areas our team routinely advise on.

No matter your sector or issue at hand, we can help you capitalise on opportunities while minimising risk.

We offer advice across each of the legal disciplines which colour the digital media landscape. In addition to commercial contracts (B2B as well as B2C) and corporate deals, our experts have deep knowledge in streaming platforms, broadcasting and telcos, copyright, trademarks, patents, data protection and consumer rights, and competition law.

We also specialise in the dynamic field of social media and internet regulations including influencer advertising and online safety, as well as synthetic (AI) media and manipulated content.

Featured experience

  • Advising one of the UK’s top film studios on its film distribution and merchandising arrangements in Europe post-Brexit, including advising on the Audiovisual and Media Services Directive (AVMSD) regulations.
  • Drafting and negotiating the full range of agreements for a television series, including the rights and access agreement, filming policies and editorial policies on behalf of a UK-headquartered multinational business, with an American production company and mass media network as counterparties.
  • Writing the chapter on the legal implications of using deepfakes and hologram acting for the film and TV sector for the European Audiovisual Observatory and writing the practitioners’ guide to deepfakes for LexisNexis.

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