To us, an Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) focus is a force for good. 

Widespread concern and focused activism about climate change and inequality are having far-reaching effects. Businesses and organisations are being called upon to act as stewards for people and the planet, and governments are responding with binding targets and increasing regulation.

Customers, investors and employees are making decisions based on how organisations of all shapes and sizes are contributing to a better and healthier world.

This makes ESG a powerful force, a change for good. Motivated by a desire to do the right thing, to strengthen their sustainability and to increase their value – both commercial and social – organisations must strive to improve their ESG resilience – and we are no different. 

Our ESG Working Group guides, supports and promotes the work we undertake to deliver our Responsible Business strategy.

Who we are

Why choose DAC Beachcroft?

We’re a broad-based commercial firm serving a wide range of sectors with a strong heritage in insurance,
health and real estate. We combine excellent legal skills and cutting-edge delivery expertise to design
solutions that fit the needs of our clients – often involving clever uses of technology.