Corporate and Regulatory

At DACB, we specialise in a range of legal services tailored for the insurance sector. Our expertise spans the establishment, merger, division, and dissolution of insurance institutions across various branches and operations. Additionally, we assist in mergers and acquisitions transactions , provide guidance to intermediaries, such as insurance agents and reinsurance professionals, and support merger and acquisition transactions within the (re)insurance industry.

Regulatory Compliance and Advisory

We offer comprehensive regulatory advice to both national and foreign insurance and reinsurance institutions. Our team helps identify and mitigate legal risks arising from business activities in Mexico. From compliance with capital and solvency requirements to inspection procedures and self-correction programmes, we ensure adherence to regulatory standards.

Policy Design and Implementation

With extensive experience, we aid in designing and implementing internal policies, operational manuals, and compliance strategies. Our services cover a wide spectrum, including auxiliary service contracting, transactions with related parties, investment regimes, and technical reserves for insurance entities.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

We are committed to ensuring regulatory compliance for entities in the insurance sector. We offer guidance on anti-money laundering, data protection, anti-corruption measures, and corporate crime prevention. Our team assists in setting up committees and dedicated areas to address regulatory obligations and reporting requirements.

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