Civil Liabilities, Public Bodies and Specialist Liability

Our nationally acclaimed team understands the gravity, significance, and delicacy of these claims, delivering swift, pragmatic, and expert counsel. We proudly represent a diverse range of organisations, spanning the public and private sectors. Our unrivalled expertise is a testament to our commitment. In this often perceived intricate legal landscape, we strive to offer clear advice and guidance.


Our expertise spans several vital areas, each with its unique challenges, from claims relating to abuse and social services, discrimination and the Equality Act, as well as unlawful detention, police and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS).

In each domain, we offer precise, early advice to navigate complex evidential and legal landscapes, always with a focus on achieving favourable outcomes.

Abuse and Social Services

Often of considerable sensitivity, these claims frequently require the management of confidential and voluminous documentation and witnesses.

Evidence and the law can be complex, we supply early, clear and effective advice as to the way forward. Wherever possible, we pursue effective recovery of any damages paid from perpetrators of abuse.

Discrimination and Equality Act Claims

We recognise the increasing numbers of claims being faced by our public and private sector clients. We work with you to try to achieve best possible outcomes in both the short and long terms.

We are conscious of the values of these claims being, on their own, very small whilst, in total, compensation and costs are increasingly significant. We scrutinise claims individually but also put them in context for our clients.

We add value by offering bespoke training and advising on future challenges, including increasing media interest.

We have acted in a number of highly sensitive cases with the potential for reputational damage. At all times we provide clear advice as to the way forward.

Unlawful detention, Police and DOLs

Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with the wide variety of claims that present themselves in this area. Ranging from straightforward unlawful arrest claims to claims brought by the vulnerable against social workers to claims against private contractors in the Social Services, Justice and Healthcare areas, we have lawyers who are able to support you with clear and effective advice.

We appreciate the pressures upon employers in this area and, at all times, endeavour to approach sensitively potential witnesses and seek to support them thereafter. We are also alive to any potential reputational concerns and immediately alert you of any media interest and strategies for dealing with the same.

We also support you by offering bespoke training, including horizon scanning.

Featured experience

  • X & Y v RB Hounslow – Court of Appeal
  • Abrahart v University of Bristol
  • Tindall v Thames Valley Police

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