Our Relationship With You

Our relationship and our responsibilities to you are set out in our Standard Terms and Conditions (which apply between us and our client in the event that bespoke terms and conditions have not been agreed) or our Standard Basis of Relationship (which applies between us and our client’s insured, or between us and our client’s nominee).

As part of our legal and/or claims handling services, we may transfer or provide access to personal data from the UK and/or the EEA to a recipient within a country that is not subject to adequacy decision or subject to a derogation (exception).  In such a case, we will enter into the appropriate contractual clauses (e.g. standard contractual clauses / international data transfer agreement / international data transfer addendum as applicable) to ensure that the restricted transfer complies with the applicable data protection legislation.

Who we are

Why choose DAC Beachcroft?

We’re a broad-based commercial firm serving a wide range of sectors with a strong heritage in insurance,
health and real estate. We combine excellent legal skills and cutting-edge delivery expertise to design
solutions that fit the needs of our clients – often involving clever uses of technology.