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Government announces a review of the future of work

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By Zoe Wigan, Ceri Fuller & Hilary Larter


Published 10 June 2022


The Government has announced that Matt Warman MP has been asked to conduct a review of the Future of Work.


The long awaited Employment Bill (which had been expected to contain measures in relation to tips, additional rights for zero hours workers and pregnant women, neonatal and paid carers’ leave and default flexible working as well as bringing in a single enforcement body for employment rights) was not included as part of the Government’s legislative agenda in the Queen’s Speech. 

Shortly after the Queen’s Speech, the House of Commons debated “Fairness at Work and Power in Communities”, and the Government announced that Matt Warman, an MP, had been asked to conduct a review of the “Future of Work”, identifying key questions as the Government seeks to grow the economy.  The review (which will have two phases  - a high level assessment of key strategic issues and a second phase of more detailed assessment of selected areas of focus) will be conducted over spring and summer 2022.  A written report, including recommendations to guide long term, strategic policy making on the labour market, will then be submitted to the Prime Minister.


This is not the first time a Government has carried out this sort of a review. Many of the recommendations of the Taylor review of modern working practices are yet to be implemented.  Given the lack of progress on employment law it seems currently unlikely that much will come of this review.  However, we will update you when there are any recommendations.

Policy paper: Future of Work Review – Terms of Reference