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Employment Matters - September 2021 - Independent Health

By Hilary Larter, Nick Chronias and Ceri Fuller


Published 10 September 2021


DAC Beachcroft's Employment Matters focuses on some of the most interesting cases and events occurring within the Employment Law sector.Case law developments this month include:1. Government launch consultation on making COVID-19 and flu vaccination mandatory in the health and wider social care sector.On 9 September, the Government opened a six week public consultation on making vaccination a condition of deployment in the health and wider social care sector.  Read more2. Entitlement to insured income protection: Importance of contractual wording.The EAT has upheld a tribunal decision requiring an employer to make payments directly to an employee in respect of annual increases to his long-term sickness income protection, despite the fact the insurer had ceased to cover such increases years earlier.Read more3. Disability discrimination: Indefinite pay protection not a reasonable adjustment.The EAT has upheld a tribunal decision that indefinite pay protection for a disabled employee who moved roles would not have been a reasonable adjustment.Read more4. Disability discrimination: Reasonable adjustments prevented application of absence management policy being discriminatory.The EAT has held that an employer who had redeployed a disabled employee with protected pay and supported her unsuccessful attempts to find alternative roles had not failed in its duty to make reasonable adjustments.Read more5. Disability discrimination: Employer had no knowledge of disability.The EAT has upheld a decision that an employee was not disabled or, if he was, that his employer had no knowledge of any disability.Read more6. Unfair dismissal: Right of appeal in redundancy dismissals.The Court of Appeal has confirmed that the absence of an appeal does not of itself make a redundancy dismissal unfair, but that it is one of the many factors to be considered in determining fairness.Read more