The MRO Agreement, first signed in April 2010 and renewed periodically thereafter, was established to provide a framework for the production and cost of reports provided by MRO’s, that permitted Compensators to pay a reduced rate for early settlement of the MRO’s invoice.


Please click on the link below to view the current Agreement which was renewed on 2nd April 2011.

Medical Reporting Organisation Agreement 25th September 2014 

The current list of participating organisations is held jointly by DAC Beachcroft and AMRO and is updated on a regular basis.

Click here for Insurers/Compensators 2012

Click here for Medical Reporting Organisations 2012

If you are not yet a participant to the agreement and would like to join, please email your organisation's full trading name/names, postal address, telephone number and an email contact address to . DAC Beachcroft will circulate future updates to the list to the email address given for ease of reference.

Please click on the link below to view the previous agreement

Medical Reporting Organisation Agreement 2nd April 2011 

Click here for the full list of participating organisations which were signed up to the previous Agreement.

For full details of the participating organisations who were signed up to the Agreement prior to 2009, please email

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