Vehicle Hire and Damage

Vehicle hire and motor damage claims are subject to radical change. In this rapidly evolving space, we know your best claims outcomes are achieved with an experienced team focused on a dedicated area. Our market leading team of lawyers and claims handlers have the highest level of procedural and technical skill in the industry – electing to become true specialists in vehicle hire and damage.


The team deals with cases on both a delegated and non-delegated basis across pre-litigation and litigation for over 40 insurers/self-insurers. We handle over 18,000 claims a year, with reserves of over £100m.

We have a strategic claims handling arm which handles complex claims pre-litigation, as well as supporting insurers existing protocols.

Industry knowledge, penetration and engagement coupled with unrivalled claims data, analysis and intelligence puts our team in a uniquely strong position to lead defence strategies across UK borders.

Through involvement in leading cases, industry work and thought leadership, DACB has developed a market leading and robust reputation for credit hire. CHOs know we have the expertise and the confidence to defend claims to trial if necessary and will not back down unless the evidence suggests we should do.

Our market footprint enables us to spot fraudulent CHO behaviour; our robust specific strategies help us challenge them. With offices based in Newport, Birmingham, Glasgow and Belfast, we provide full geographical cover and have the flexibility and capacity to deal with any urgent issues.

By working with us, you have access to our credit hire tools, unique market footprint, detailed data and strategic credit hire claims handling. Our systems are based on expertise, experience, claims intelligence and tailored to your needs.

Featured experience

  • We have been involved in several of the leading cases on credit hire including RSA V Armstead [2022] EWCA Civ 497, Bunting v Zurich [2020] EWHC 1807 (QB), Umerji v Khan & Zurich [Court of Appeal Civil division, 25th March 2014], and Stevens v Equity Management [2015] EWCA Civ 93.

Client Testimonials

What our clients say

  • DACB have a wide and varied knowledge of the Credit Hire market. Their investigations are thorough which leads to the correct result when dealing with a case. They are always available for their expert opinion on cases regardless of whether the claim has yet to be presented to them for defence.

  • For me it is a very, very good relationship. Of all of the panel that we work with, the best relationship is with DACB. The reason for that is the people in the firm.  The team members are knowledgeable and passionate about their subject matter and are very friendly and approachable when I have approached them for help or to resolve a problem. That’s the kind of relationship we are looking for. If we are doing something wrong I want them to tell us so we can adapt and we can react very quickly to whatever happens in the market.


  • Being able to simply get quick, reliable advice comes with ease and it's something DACB are very well at doing! Their interaction with us makes the relationship between both the insurer and solicitor excellent! Being kept up to date with cases is something I highlight as being a strength for DACB!

  • DACB are very easy to interact and communicate with – they are market leaders when it comes to credit hire in particular. In terms of understanding our needs I would encourage the ongoing and open communication which considers operational needs.

  • Our credit hire department has a close working relationship with DAC Beachcroft. We are pleased with their work and had very good results.

  • DACB have a lot of valuable experience and often they will know things that we as a team don’t know. They are very keen to always work collaboratively and that is one of the attributes that I have always been keen on. I feel with DACB that they are always trying to help you out and to help you deal with your claims in the best way possible.

  • For me, the strengths of DACB are their people and the longstanding nature of the relationship with us. They have some really great people, but it goes beyond that. It is not just having nice people, the substance is also there in the tangible results and the financials, which they do deliver on.

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