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Sue Howes is a partner in our Newcastle office.

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About Sue

  • Biography

    Sue has significant experience in employers and public liability claims for both private and public sector organisations. She specialises in multi-track and complex claims.

    She has over 25 years’ experience advising clients across a range of sectors including insurance, health, social care and the public sector. Her key clients include Zurich Insurance, MS Amlin, NHS and care providers. She advises clients in the housing sector in relation to multifactorial claims made against them including personal injury, housing disrepair and possession.

    Sue’s experience in advising insurers and corporate bodies means that she is able to understand the key drivers for both the insurer and insured. She is able to work with them both to secure a mutually satisfactory outcome to claims, advising both on the claims presented as well as the risk management issues arising and claims defensibility.

    Relevant experience includes advising:

    • A public sector organisation in respect of a claim for injury suffered by an employee who was injured in the workplace. Liability was admitted and the claimant was unable to return to work, presenting a claim with a value exceeding £1.54 million. Sue assisted the client through the key stages resulting in a settlement of less than 50% of the pleaded case.
    • A registered social landlord who pursued a claim for possession and faced a counter claim of more than £500,000 ½ million for injury said to have been caused by the state of the premises. The defendant remained a tenant and there had been a complete breakdown in the relationship, as a result of which the tenant had been withholding rent for more than 3 years. Sue assisted in the claims process and was able to settle the dispute on the basis that the tenant remained in her home but with the relationship restored and the claim settled at minimal cost.
    • Employers on claims for work related upper limb disorder in the healthcare sector. Such claims had the potential to create floodgates within the respective clients’ organisations and Sue was able to advise on not only the claims presented but also the client’s system with a view to improving claims defensibility.
Sector Expertise
  • Insurance

  • NHS

Service Expertise
  • UK Casualty

  • Casualty Injury

  • Professional Liability

  • Employment

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