Rob Fallows

KYO Strategy Lead


Rob Fallows is the lead analyst for the Know Your Opponent workstream within the DAC Beachcroft Intelligence function.

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About Rob

  • Biography

    Rob joined DAC Beachcroft from the East Midlands Police Special Operations Unit, and his background is in the analysis of serious and organised criminality, with a specialism in fraud and money laundering investigations. He has presented a range of analytical data in Court, receiving Judicial Commendations for his work.

    Rob has extensive professional experience in the analysis of financial and communications data, building on his academic background in economics and law. Rob is a professionally qualified Intelligence Analyst with more than a decade of experience across Policing, Civil Service and Private Practice. He is an expert within the fields of GIS mapping, data extraction, and data presentation.

    Rob’s background in Policing means that he is able to provide coherent expert advice to clients in relation to intelligence, evidence and law enforcement related matters, particularly fraud. At DAC Beachcroft he advises clients across a range of sectors, including insurance, and acts as the lead for ‘Know Your Opponent’ (KYO) products and services within the Claims Solutions Group. He works closely with a range of clients, including Aviva, AXA and NFUM, to develop bespoke Intelligence and KYO strategies tailored to their specific needs.

    Relevant experience includes:

    • Creating DAC Beachcroft’s Covid-19 KYO Knowledge Bank; an online platform that gives insurer clients easy access to accurate material on the current impact of Covid-19. Mainly on the insurance and claims industry, particularly the behaviours and tactics of claimant companies.
    • He assisted with the development of the Kyoto system: a client facing collaboration platform that brings together a wealth of legal and intelligence knowledge. To provide clients with bespoke strategies to mitigate the cost building behaviours of their opponents in the claims industry.
    • Rob has authored a wide range of thought leadership articles on insurance fraud; drafting press commentaries and speaking at a range of industry events. He works with a number of external agencies, including law enforcement bodies, to promote better collaboration across the insurance industry and improved prevention and detection of fraud.
    • Rob designs and delivers the Quarterly Intelligence Forum; a unique collaborative intelligence sharing event that brings together our clients and key partners to deliver the latest fraud operations and KYO material. This event enables vital collaboration between clients, law enforcement and regulators to ensure offenders are brought to justice. Our forum has been the platform for securing multiple successful law enforcement referrals and operational savings for clients in the millions.
Sector Expertise
  • Insurance

Service Expertise
  • Counter Fraud

  • Motor Fraud

  • Organised Fraud

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