Natalie Randall

Intelligence Manager


Natalie specialises in intelligence and organised fraud investigation.

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About Natalie

  • Biography

    Natalie specialises in intelligence and organised fraud investigation.

    She has over 8 years’ experience advising clients across a range of sectors including insurance. She works with all clients within the Claims Solutions Group.

    Natalie’s background in Policing means that she is able to advise clients in relation to intelligence, evidence and law enforcement related matters, particularly fraud.

    Relevant experience includes:

    • Planning and delivery of our quarterly Intelligence Forum. A unique collaborative intelligence sharing event that brings together our clients and key partners to deliver the latest fraud operations and KYO material. This event enables vital collaboration between clients, law enforcement and regulators to ensure offenders are brought to justice. Our forum has been the platform for securing multiple successful law enforcement referrals and operational savings for clients in the millions.
    • Creation and delivery of various added-value and paid intelligence and analysis training modules that develop crucial skills and knowledge for intelligence practitioners employed within our clients. To ensure they are better equipped to identify and investigate fraud and operate within an intelligence led model. Training modules include an introduction to intelligence, inference development, analysing networks and operations management.
    • Design and implementation of a client focussed data analysis product, which seeks to analyse individual client data and provide a comparison against market trends. There is a specific focus on assisting clients with fraud identification and reducing indemnity spend through the combination of intelligence and legal strategy. Initially piloted with one client, this product is now embedded within the service delivery we offer multiple clients in fraud. It has been shortlisted for two industry fraud awards, recognising our commitment to collaboration and innovation.
    • Architect of our new INFO-Centre (INtelligence & Fraud Operations), an industry unique online platform that centrally captures all of our live fraud and KYO operation intelligence for use by our internal lawyers and clients. INFO-Centre also provides each client with their own unique dashboard, enabling secure intelligence sharing opportunities. This system assists fraud investigation through enabling direct access to real time intelligence, thus ensuring our lawyers and clients can maximise their strategies.

    In addition, Natalie is a trained Intelligence Analyst by trade, and has worked on a number of high profile serious and organised crime and major crime investigations during her time with the police. She has been commended by a Crown Court Judge and separately by Lincolnshire Police’s Head of Crime for her analytical support of complex organised conspiracy cases.

Sector Expertise
  • Insurance

Service Expertise
  • Organised Fraud

  • Motor Fraud

  • Organised Fraud

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  • Tricorn House
  • 51-53 Hagley Road
  • Birmingham, B16 8TP

+44 (0) 121 698 5200

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