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Helen is a Barrister in our specialist advocacy service, 8 DAC Beachcroft Buildings (8DB).
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About Helen

  • Biography

    Helen is a Barrister in our specialist advocacy service, 8 DAC Beachcroft Buildings (8DB).

    Helen specialises in civil litigation with a particular focus on personal injury litigation and motor claims. Helen also has extensive experience in the niche area of aviation law and has been regularly instructed on behalf of a number of leading airlines.

    Helen has 9 years of experience across these sectors and has undertaken a wide range of both claimant and defendant work giving her a unique perspective and approach to all case types. 

    Helen’s practice covers both the Fast and Multi-Track and she is regularly instructed in trials, interlocutory applications and final hearings. Helen also drafts pleadings and advices in respect of both quantum and liability, including detailed Schedules of Loss. She has particular experience in the settlement of child claims of significant value.

    Helen has previously worked at external Chambers and developed firm relationships with an array of solicitor clients. She prides herself on being very approachable with any queries, big or small. Her practice ethos is diligence coupled with efficiency and she is happy to offer a speedy turnaround on any paperwork and usually within 48 hours. 

    Helen is also a fully accredited Workplace Investigator; specific areas of expertise are in dealing with allegations of bullying and harassment, sex and race discrimination, as well as any breaches of internal workplace policies.

    Notable Cases

    Mr EL vs Mr CM

    Successfully argued for judgment in favour of Mr M at conclusion of trial. The evidence of Mr L had been, overall, consistent throughout the litigation process and engineering evidence also appeared to largely support Mr L’s claim. Under rigorous cross examination, however, during a final hearing, Helen was able to unnerve Mr L to such an extent that he had no choice but to accept that it was impossible for Mr M to have been travelling at the speed alleged and for the accident to have taken place as had, up until that point been, steadfastly described. Helen was able to extract new evidence from Mr L in order to explain why the accident happened, ultimately this evidence also gave an entirely new explanation to the engineering evidence and judgment was entered in favour of Helen’s client.

    Miss HL & Miss LL vs Mr JK

    Successfully argued for a finding of fundamental dishonesty. HL and her daughter, LL, had undertaken extensive physiotherapy following an RTA, such that there was a rather large volume of physiotherapy records available to view. Buried within these records were accounts given by both parties as to the nature of the injuries, which differed entirely from that which was formally alleged and which clearly suggested that recovery had been achieved far sooner than was being pleaded. Under robust cross examination, Helen was able to lead both parties to admit that there were dramatic inconsistencies in the evidence before the court. Helen argued that the inconsistencies were so startling that they could not be explained away and could only fit with a finding of fundamental dishonesty. The court agreed.

    Notable Achievements/Awards

    • LJMU, Graduate Diploma in Law, Distinction (top of the year).
    • Awarded top Lord Denning Scholarship, Lincoln’s Inn, 2012.

    Professional Memberships

    Member of The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn.

    Helen is regulated by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) and holds a current practising certificate. If you are not satisfied with the service provided, please contact BSB.  

Sector Expertise
  • Insurance

Service Expertise
  • UK Casualty

  • Casualty Injury

  • Motor Injury

  • Advocacy

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