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David Knapp joined the London office from Clyde & Co LLP in March 2017.
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    David Knapp joined the London office from Clyde & Co LLP in March 2017. He specialises in the defence of complex liability claims, particularly those brought against the public sector.

    David has successfully defended a wide variety of claims. These include highways, defamation, abuse, stress at work, data protection, bullying and harassment, claims brought under the Human Rights Act, unlawful arrest/detention and misfeasance in a public office.

    David has also successfully taken to the Appellate Courts a number of duty of care cases including:-

    DN v London Borough of Greenwich [2004] – Failure to educate
    XY v London Borough of Hounslow [2011] – Duty owed by a Social Worker to vulnerable adults
    Edwards v London Borough of Sutton [2016] – Duty of care owed by the occupier of a historic structure

    David is also instructed by composite insurers in catastrophic and large loss injury claims and in particular those where liability is in dispute.

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