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Dan specialises in Counter Fraud with a particular emphasis on business development and client strategy.
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    Dan specialises in Counter Fraud with a particular emphasis on business development and client strategy. He manages the largest client at DAC Beachcroft for Counter Fraud, both in terms of client relationship, development and strategy.  

    In addition, Dan is the designated Client Relationship Partner for many of our key clients. Dan also handles fraud cases and is regarded as a go to individual in the Counter fraud industry for his ability to talk strategically marketwide, advising clients on areas of focus and developing niche solutions.

    Dan has been at DAC Beachcroft for more than 15 years. He joined as a newly qualified solicitor, starting in Mutual Law. From there, he moved to supervisor and then into larger valued work, joining our Counter Fraud team in 2011. Dan was focussed on operational and business development management. These checkpoints have meant that Dan has a thorough understanding of what clients want and how we can add value. Such examples have included being the first Partner to advise on our Rubik MI product, our Intelligence Portal and our data-washing product. These products have all assisted our clients in early and proactive fraud identification and an analytical data focus to fighting fraud.                        

    Relevant experience includes:

    • Being integral in the operational formation of our Scottish Counter Fraud offering. This involved researching the market and client demand, developing a process of identifying fraud and recruiting the right people to lead the team. This team is now the largest fraud team in Scotland.
    • As part of his role in Innovation, Dan also led the formation of our cross border fraud team, our Policyholder proofing team and most recently our Claims Farming team. This also involved researching the exposure of the market to 2 growing types of fraud, using data to identify our exposure and working with others to write strategies and develop specialist teams. Our Cross Border fraud team is now the go to team across the market.       
    • Regularly advising our clients on horizon scanning and market changes in Counter Fraud. He is especially keen on using data to influence how clients fight fraud, such as through “Know Your Opponent”. He has consulted with clients on various professional enabler strategies to fight fraud.    
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