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Caroline specialises in motor fraud, with a focus on cross border fraud.
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About Caroline

  • Biography

    Caroline specialises in motor fraud, with a focus on cross border fraud.

    She has over 20 years’ litigation experience and specialises in insurance fraud with an international element. Caroline leads a specialist Cross Border Fraud team servicing a number of UK Correspondents representing foreign insurers.

    Caroline is recognised as a technical lawyer and works closely with her clients, adapting strategies and delivering a quality service tailored specifically to their needs, which leads to consistently positive client feedback.

    Relevant experience includes:

    • Advising upon fundamental dishonesty and pursuing wasted costs orders against Claimants’ solicitors.
    • Devising counter-fraud strategies specifically tailored to deal with the challenges of cross border cases. This includes working closely with her clients to upskill them and implement these strategies.
    • Delivering training both internally to our team and to her clients. She also works closely with our Travel and Tourism team, including working on projects to support our team and clients in this specialist area.
Sector Expertise
  • Insurance

Service Expertise
  • UK Casualty

  • Casualty Fraud

  • Motor Fraud

Office Location

Birmingham Skyline


  • Tricorn House
  • 51-53 Hagley Road
  • Birmingham, B16 8TP

+44 (0) 121 698 5200

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