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DAC Beachcroft’s Madrid office provides advice on insurance, dispute resolution, corporate law, real estate and employment matters among others, on both a local and international basis.

Our clients value our international capability, particularly on issues involving Latin American jurisdictions. We advise clients in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela) and Europe (Austria, England and Wales, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Czech Republic and Italy). Our lawyers have a deep understanding of international jurisdictions and work closely with local lawyers.

Established in 1989, our 65 strong team includes 45 lawyers. All our lawyers are fluent in English and some in French, German and Italian.

We are rated by legal directories as the top insurance practice in Spain and have been for the last ten years. We are recommended in banking and finance, environmental law, dispute resolution, real estate, corporate and employment.


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Our Lawyers - José María Álvarez-Cienfuegos

José María Álvarez-Cienfuegos

Partner Madrid

Jose Maria holds wide experience assisting Spanish and international…

Our Lawyers - María Antúnez

María Antúnez

Lawyer Madrid

María joined DAC Beachcroft in 2018…

Our Lawyers - Ruth Bragado

Ruth Bragado

Lawyer Madrid

Ruth joined DAC Beachcroft in 2017…

Our Lawyers - Juan Calvente

Juan Calvente

Lawyer Madrid

Juan Calvente is a lawyer in DAC Beachcroft’s Madrid office…

Our Lawyers - Antonio Góngora

Antonio Góngora

Lawyer Madrid

Antonio advises and defends the interests of both national and…

Our Lawyers - Marisol Lana

Marisol Lana

Lawyer Madrid

Marisol joined DAC Beachcroft in 2015 to join the Industrial Risk practice…

Our Lawyers - Irene Moreno

Irene Moreno

Lawyer Madrid

Irene qualified as a lawyer and joined DAC Beachcroft in 2018…

Our Lawyers - José María Pimentel

José María Pimentel

Partner Madrid

José María specialises in defending personal injury and professional…

Our Lawyers - Pilar Rodríguez

Pilar Rodríguez

Partner Madrid

Pilar specialises in litigation and holds a wide range experience…

Our Lawyers - Beatriz Rodríguez

Beatriz Rodríguez

Partner Madrid

Beatriz has dual expertise across both insurance and real estate, as well…

Our Lawyers - Mercedes Romero

Mercedes Romero

Partner Madrid

Mercedes specialises in arbitration and litigation matters…

Our Lawyers - Sergio Segura

Sergio Segura

Lawyer Madrid

He specialises in assessing the liability of Directors and Officers and…

Our Lawyers - Diego Zapatero Méndez

Diego Zapatero Méndez

Lawyer Madrid

Diego Zapatero Mendez is a lawyer in our Madrid office.