Defamation and Reputation Management Lawyers
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Defamation and Reputation Management

Whether you are a public body, business or an individual, your reputation is undoubtedly your biggest asset.

A respected brand or reputation often takes years to build and, once damaged, can take a substantial amount of time and investment to repair.

What we do

Our team advises businesses, individuals, insurers and public bodies on a wide variety of defamation and reputation management issues. We advise those looking to protect their reputation, as well as those having to defend claims made against them. Our advice is decisive and we act quickly to protect our clients’ reputations, combining an effective legal strategy with commercial advice in the context of what can often be an area of great sensitivity.

What we are known for

Our approach is to work quickly and pragmatically to achieve what our client needs. While we frequently represent our clients in court in relation to full scale litigation or applications for emergency relief, much of the time we work behind the scenes to secure cost-effective and robust solutions to limit the damage, and allow our client to move on with their life or business.

We have particular expertise in working with public bodies, advising them what they can and cannot do to protect their reputations within the law.

Detailed elements of our services

The advice we offer includes the following:

  • Preventing and challenging publication of damaging stories or private information in the media, online or in a commercial context;
  • Advice on liaising with the media and the relevant codes of conduct;
  • Obtaining, defending and discharging emergency injunctions;
  • Litigation involving defamation, malicious falsehood, privacy, breach of confidence and harassment;
  • Brand and reputation management and enhancement strategies;
  • Pre-publication/broadcast advice to those at risk of publishing potentially contentious material;
  • Data protection issues;
  • Protection from harassment.

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