History - DAC Beachcroft


We are a legal business with a long and proud history. In 2012, DAC Beachcroft celebrated its 250th anniversary.

We can trace our roots through a series of mergers back to 1762. The Beachcroft name first appeared when Richard Beachcroft set up his practice in London in 1828.

Davies Arnold Cooper (DAC) was formed in London in 1927.

DAC Beachcroft: a timeline

  • 2013 DAC Beachcroft merge with Colombian law firm De La Torre y Monroy to form DAC Beachcroft Colombia
  • 2012 DAC Beachcroft merge with Santiago-based law firms SegurosLex and Amunategui y Cía to form DAC Beachcroft Chile
  • 2012 DAC Beachcroft merge with Andersons Solicitors LLP to form DAC Beachcroft Scotland
  • 2011 Beachcroft merges with Davies Arnold Cooper to form DAC Beachcroft
  • 2010 Beachcroft acquires the business of Williams Holden Cooklin Gibbons (WHCG)
  • 2009 Beachcroft acquires Kings Legal in Newport, South Wales
  • 2008 Davies Arnold Cooper acquires KSB Law LLP in London
  • 2006 Beachcroft LLP is incorporated on 1 May
  • 1999 Beachcroft Wansbrough is formed as WWH merges with Beachcroft Stanleys
  • 1988 Beachcroft Stanleys is formed as Beachcroft merges with Stanley Simpson
  • 1927 Davies Arnold Cooper (DAC) formed in London
  • 1882 Wansbroughs opens in Bristol, which becomes Wansbroughs Willey Hargrave (WWH)
  • 1830 Wansbrough & Stanley formed, which becomes Stanley Simpson
  • 1828 Richard Beachcroft founds a London practice, which becomes Beachcrofts
  • 1762 Origin of the firm – Joseph Eyre begins practising at Christ's Hospital