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Risk Register 2023- Special Edition: ESG and what it means for law firms

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By DAC Beachcroft


Published 14 September 2023


Welcome to the Risk Register 2023, our guide to the key risks affecting law firms and those who insure them.

This year, the theme is ESG – a hot topic in both the legal and insurance sectors, and something our clients are increasingly talking to us about.

Although separately Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) are not new concepts for businesses to consider, together they have become powerful and firms cannot afford to overlook them. They arise in the way a firm is run or managed, in how claims can arise and in relation to the regulatory risks which firms face now, more than ever.

In this year's edition, we will look at the key risks facing firms within the ESG framework and provide our practical advice as to how best to navigate this growing area.

We would like to thank our clients who have kindly contributed to this year's edition.

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