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Fast Track Table

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By DAC Beachcroft


Published 21 April 2023


The table below, based on Table 1 in Part 26, sets out the complexity band to which fast track claims will normally be assigned. Note that the parties are encouraged to agree the complexity band and must state the agreed or claimed for band in their directions questionnaire, although the court can still assign to a different band if appropriate.

Complexity Band





New band for:

  • RTA, non-PI claims;
  • defended debt claims.

Covers cases started under the RTA Protocol and the Package Travel Protocol and is based on existing table 6B.

Covers cases started under the EL/PL Protocol and is based on existing table 6C.

Extends to:

  • RTA, PI claims to which the RTA Protocol does not apply;
  • Possession claims;
  • Housing disrepair claims; and
  • Other money claims.

New band for

  • EL disease claims (other than a claim for noise induced hearing loss);
  • Complex possession and housing disrepair claims;
  • Property and building disputes;
  • Professional negligence claims; and
  • Any claim which would normally be allocated to the fast track, but is nonetheless complex.