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Charities update - July 2023

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By Emma-Jane Dalley, Anne-Marie Gregory and Hannah McElroy


Published 01 August 2023


In this edition of our newsletter we look at a number of recent developments impacting charities, including two recent cases. The first relates to whether a charity met the public benefit requirement for mandatory rates relief taking into account its membership fees and the second a challenge brought by one charity to the registered status of another. We also look at the latest section of the Charities Act 2022 to be implemented.

A question of public benefit

In this article we look at the recent Supreme Court judgment in Merton LBC v Nuffield Health.

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Changes to charity legislation and guidance

This article reviews the second set of changes being introduced by the Charities Act 2022, which came into force on 14 June.  These changes relate to the disposal of charity land, permanent endowment and charity names.

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Challenging charity registration

In a recent case, the charity Mermaids sought to challenge the decision of the Charity Commission to register the LGB Alliance as a charity.

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