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AI in Healthcare Podcast Series

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By Stuart Wallace, Mark Ashley & Hannah Volpe


Published 06 February 2023


We are pleased to launch a short series of two podcasts on AI in which we discuss with experts how the NHS is, today, using AI to improve its services, as well as how indemnifiers in the wider insurance market are addressing some of the challenges that this fast-changing area brings. The first podcast can be accessed here and the second podcast here

Those reading this will know that artificial intelligence is the new frontier of healthcare and of law. It poses novel technological, ethical and legal risks whilst also offering almost limitless possibilities for improving and making more efficient the provision of care.

The use of technology in clinical practice is already widespread, and this is likely to grow exponentially over the coming years, particularly as our society advances and more and more sophisticated systems are developed and deployed in the healthcare setting for the benefit of hospitals and its patients.

There are some quite extraordinary things already happening (AI to detect diseases across a variety of clinical specialities, for example), and we find ourselves in a situation now where it is not just doctors providing clinical care to patients. Artificial Intelligence is already at the forefront of clinical care being provided up and down the country, and there are some exciting things in the pipeline too.

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