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Landmark decision on the territorial extent of the Consumer Protection Act in product liability cases - March 2014

By Olya Melnitchouk


Published 26 March 2014


On 18 March 2014 the High Court handed down judgment in Allen & Others v Depuy International Limited [2014] EWHC 753 (QB), a case with important consequences for international product liability litigation.

There were ten Claimants in this action, representing a cross section of a much larger group of residents from various countries, who alleged they had suffered personal injury arising out of the insertion of prosthetic hip implants manufactured in England by the Defendant. None of the Claimants had, at any material time, been resident in England. The prosthetic hips had been implanted in New Zealand, South Africa and, for one Claimant, in Australia. The Claimants all argued that English law should apply to their claims.

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