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Health Adviser - Issue 23: Tackling Inequalities

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By Nigel Montgomery


Published 01 March 2023


Our health team has today launched the latest edition of Health Adviser - DACB's flagship publication for the health sector, focused on the theme of 'tackling inequalities in health and social care'.

Much of the recent media attention on health and social care in the UK has focused on backlogs and recruitment challenges. However, there are positive stories, changes and outcomes that also form part of the pandemic legacy, many of which have at their heart the goal of reducing inequality and improving access and outcomes.

This latest edition of Health Adviser covers the critical changes that have been made, and the opportunities to further improve the way care is delivered, where and how it is delivered and, crucially, who it is delivered to.

DACB’s head of health, Nigel Montgomery, explains, “The UK health system provides world-leading treatment and care, but if it isn’t reaching the people it needs to reach, it is failing. By collaborating with important voices from across the sector, we have been able to address the challenges that health leaders must overcome in order to reduce inequality and create lasting change.”

The magazine is focused on six key topics within this theme:

  • Better, broader, safer: How data holds the key to tackling inequalities
  • Healthcare infrastructure: Is private investment the elephant in the room?
  • Cybersecurity: Why systems are only as strong as their weakest link
  • Living with COVID and pandemic-proofing our future
  • Joint appointments: charting a pragmatic path through murky waters
  • Sustainable healthcare and the role of charities in reducing inequalities

Click here to read the Health Adviser magazine featuring opinion and real-life examples from senior leaders within the health sector, as well as insights from DACB’s health experts.