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Going Public In The UK

By Clive Garston, Jonathan Deverill and Rishi Solan


Published 01 July 2021


The UK is one of the world’s leading financial centres, allowing access to diverse pools of investment from all over the globe. A London listing is perceived as an international mark of quality, providing open and liquid markets, and a regulatory framework for issues which is globally respected and not excessively onerous, for both UK and non-UK companies seeking a gateway to a worldwide investor community.

This chapter provides an overview of the initial public offering (“IPO”) process in the UK and explores some of the key issues to be addressed in advance of an IPO, options for listing on the London Stock Exchange (“LSE”), the listing process, the legal and regulatory framework and continuing obligations. This is not intended to be a comprehensive analysis of the UK listing regime, but rather a summary of the key aspects of listing in the UK.

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