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COVID-19 in Argentina – news on insurance and tourism

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By Martín Argañaraz


Published 23 December 2020


By virtue of the Emergency Decree No. 814/2020, the access of nationals and foreigners living in neighboring countries was authorized to the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires for tourism as of October 30 through the Ezeiza International Airport and the Buquebus port terminal.

Following the beforementioned, Regulation No. 1949/2020 was issued setting out a number of requirements to be followed by tourists, including:

  1. Signing of an affidavit within 48 hours;
  2. Negative PCR (coronavirus) test, with a maximum of 72 hours’ notice; and
  3. Purchase of a health care insurance policy that includes the services of hospitalization and isolation due to COVID-19.

Airlines and Cruise ship companies will have to enforce these measures before passengers are boarded, subject to fines if rules are not followed.

Also, on October 21, a bill was presented requiring travel assistance insurance both for Argentines traveling abroad and for foreigners visiting the country which has to include coronavirus coverage and, specifically: (i) medical, hospitalization and medicine expenses, (ii) repatriation expenses due to medical issues or death; (iii) transfer costs of a relative in case of hospitalization; and (iv) cover at least 14 days of accommodations, food as well as ticket exchange due to illness.

Although it has not yet been discussed in Congress, the purpose of this project, is to reduce the state’s public expenditure on transportation and health care, by transferring these costs to the insurance companies.