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Court Judgments now available on new Courts Service Website

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By Lisa Broderick, Rowena McCormack, Julie-Anne Binchy & Charlotte Burke


Published 15 October 2019


The Courts Service recently announced that as part of its progress towards introducing a new website, written judgments will no longer be published on www.courts.ie. Effective from 26 August 2019, all judgments will now be available at beta.courts.ie and this new website will eventually replace the existing Courts Service site.

This new website is intended to provide enhanced search functionality and in the case of court judgments will allow users to search by court jurisdiction, by judge and by date range. There will also be a free-text search field in operation.

This upgrade in the Courts Service website will be welcomed by all practitioners and once fully operational it is expected that it will greatly improve access to court judgments, the legal diary, court rules and practice directions and other practical information on the operation of the courts system.