We have considerable experience of investigating corporate fraud, internal and external, and particular expertise in penetrating the confidentiality of offshore jurisdictions. We advise on the legal issues surrounding covert investigations and aggressive litigation techniques, including injunctive relief, to uncover evidence of theft and recover stolen assets.


On the discovery of fraud, our specialist lawyers offer rapid and decisive action to protect assets pending trial or earlier settlement. We also have the expertise to coordinate a successful litigation strategy across multiple jurisdictions if required.

We are equally adept at defending parties who become subjected to investigation and prosecution by the criminal authorities for fraud and related conspiracy offences. We can respond effectively to dawn raids, represent individuals in police interviews, assist in the response to documentary production orders and regularly act for individuals in trial in the magistrates and crown courts.

Guarding against fraud is critical, and our team is well qualified to advise on the setting up and management of effective systems and controls for fraud prevention. We help organisations develop programmes designed to reduce the risk of theft and corruption, for example advising on employee screening, secret profiteering, competitive intelligence and corporate fraud.

We deliver advice on the full range of issues in this area including asset theft, brand protection, intellectual property infringement, deceit, breach of fiduciary duties, wrongful use of data and theft of confidential information.

Featured experience

  • Acting for an oil and gas company plus its subsidiaries and statutory directors, defending them against a claim for £85m involving allegations of unlawful means conspiracy and defrauding creditors. Claims arise out of various joint ventures which operate assets in the North Sea.
  • Acting for CMC Spreadbet Plc on a claim against 20 defendants concerning their use of online spread betting services via an online platform. The dispute concerned a conspiracy to defraud CMC by the use of unauthorised automated software on the betting platform.
  • Representing a group of senior oil industry executives in connection with a $5 billion international arbitration in an oil and gas industry dispute in which allegations of fraudulent misrepresentations were made against our clients, with the hearing taking place in Singapore
  • Securing a significant win for a property investment client in a case involving fraudulent misrepresentations made prior to a contract
  • Acting for certain Defendants (including the former Bulgarian Minister of Finance) in their defence of a £330m claim by LIC Telecommunications SARL and Empreno Ventures Limited alleging the sale at undervalue of part of the Bulgarian telecoms network
  • Acting for CMC Markets Plc and its worldwide subsidiaries in a fraud/conspiracy claim against the Group’s Chief Commercial Officer and a former employee of the Sydney office (plus others). The claim concerned secret profits via 'introduction fees' or 'facilitation payments' from contractors regarding numerous construction projects in 14 different jurisdictions.

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