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Our Intelligence Team works across all areas of the business. The 30 strong team is based in Birmingham however we work with every one of our UK offices and have also worked with some of our international offices. Our reputation for profiling, investigation and technical analysis skills ensure that we are ideally placed to support your needs with our tailored services.

What we do

Intelligence reports and profiling

We have fixed fees for all our standard reports – asset, recovery and trace reports, people and company profiling .  We also price for individual searches including social networking searches. 

Incident and evidential analysis

Our trained analysts produce bespoke analysis of CCTV, incident, surveillance footage or telephone data analysis based on our police experience, also timelines and storyboards to bring incidents to life and summarise complex information into a consumable format.

DataFlag fraud screening and ID

DataFlag is our unique fraud identification tool, combining sophisticated data matching technology and complex fraud indicator algorithms.  This system is housed on a Rainbird AI platform and enables fast time fraud screening.

Intelligence consultancy and training

Our extensive experience of intelligence systems, processes, professionalisation and operational management means we are uniquely place to advise you in relation to intelligence consultancy and training.

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Who we are

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We’re a broad-based commercial firm serving a wide range of sectors with a strong heritage in insurance,
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