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Nigel is a Partner in the Claims Solutions Group, Complex Casualty team, based in our London office.

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About Nigel

  • Biography

    Nigel is a Partner in the Claims Solutions Group, Complex Casualty team, based in our London office.

    From the outset of his career, over 35 years ago, Nigel has focused on defending corporations, insurers, policyholders, public bodies as well as individuals from both civil, criminal and regulatory claims and has rightfully developed an excellent reputation for the service and results he achieves.

    Both Nigel and his multi-disciplinary teams cover all areas of injury litigation especially motor and transportation claims and have represented some of the largest HGV, PSV and distribution companies in the UK as well as advising, representing and providing training to organisations, universities, councils and other large bodies with extensive fleets of vehicles and operator licence restrictions.

    Nigel is instructed on accidents and issues occurring both abroad as well as domestically and has dealt with such matters as: driving prosecutions and appeals, to include dangerous driving; driver conduct hearings; tachograph infringements; breach of operators’ licence conditions; multi-party / fatal coach crashes, due to alleged lack of maintenance; fatal motor accidents in Nigeria (due to drivers’ working time hours); helicopter crashes (due to maintenance failures); supply chain / distribution related incidents in UK, Spain, Italy and France; and failures in working practices following the transportation of sizeable and dangerous goods.

    This has provided Nigel and his team with considerable insight into the issues facing a compliant road transport business.

    Hand in hand with this Nigel has also dealt with motor related fraudulent claims (to include alleged theft of vehicles), insurance coverage issues, claims for inadequate adaptation of commercial vehicles resulting in alleged financial loss and an action on behalf of a number of insurers against a motor manufacturer for losses arising from defective motor vehicles.

    Nigel has also been extensively instructed over the years by the UK Motor Insurers Bureau to represent their interests in claims made against uninsured and untraced motorists.

    Nigel has developed a very close working relationship with a number of national and international insurers (such as Zurich Insurance Plc who have instructed Nigel on increasingly high value and complex issues for the last 25 years), Tradex Insurance Services (a motor monoline insurer), Clegg Gifford & Co Limited as well as Premia Managing Agency and Armour Group Limited.

    He is also nominated by certain companies to deal with specific aspects of their work to include transport related issues.

    Five cases in the Court of Appeal:

    Broughal v Walsh Brothers Ltd & Zurich Insurance Plc [2018] EWCA Civ 1610;
    Edwards v Sutton [2016] EWCA Civ 1005;
    R v Elson [1994] EWCA;
    Interface Properties Ltd v Eagle Star Insurance Co Ltd [2004];
    Hatton v Cooper [2001]

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