Legalign Global - DAC Beachcroft
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Legalign Global

DAC Beachcroft is a founding member of Legalign Global, an integrated alliance of best-in-region law firms working as one for multinational insurers, brokers and businesses in addressing cross-border risks and claims.

Collectively, we offer in-depth expertise in all major regions. As each alliance firm is a leader in their region, we address global insurance issues by combining our local insights, relationships and influence to help our clients – and their customers.

The Legalign Global alliance firms are:

  • Alexander Holburn – a member of the ARC Group, a network of specialist insurance law firms across Canada.
  • BLD Bach Langheid Dallmayr – the leading insurance law firm in Germany with strong affiliations across Europe
  • DAC Beachcroft – an international law firm offering coverage in the UK, Ireland, France and Spain, as well as significant reach in Latin America and Asia Pacific
  • Wilson Elser – with more than 800 attorneys and a national network of offices, Wilson Elser advises businesses, brokers and global insurance companies in the US, as well as the London insurance market
  • Wotton + Kearney – one of Australasia’s undisputed leaders in providing legal services to the insurance industry, with more than 200 lawyers across offices in Australia and New Zealand

Visit the Legalign Global website to discover how the qualifications and resources of this unique collaboration may align with your legal needs.