Motor Fraud
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Motor Fraud

Who are we?

DAC Beachcroft has one of the largest dedicated Counter Fraud teams in the UK. Our team comprises of over 125 lawyers, and is underpinned by an Intelligence team of 30 specialist staff, handling over 5,000 cases a year. We aim to support our clients and their insureds in identifying and defending fraudulent claims.

We currently act for the largest market share of clients, ranging from major insurers to Lloyds Syndicates, Retailers and Corporates, across a wide breadth of sectors. It is the size and scale of our client base which provides us with the data needed to stay informed, and ensure we’re one step ahead of the market.

We believe fraud should be handled by a specialist team, with the dedicated technical ability to promptly and knowledgeably identify and defend potentially fraudulent claims.
We’re confidently able to advise on a range of fraud issues from policy inception fraud through to fraudulent claims, whether they be opportunistic or organised.

Where possible, we aim to maximise your savings by adopting a proactive stance against fraud. Employing innovative tactics enables us to defeat fraudulent claims as quickly as possible.

How can we help you?

We believe working in an intelligence-led partnership with our clients, and their insureds, is the best route to success. It’s why we develop bespoke strategies to ensure we secure the best possible outcome for our clients.

As well as tackling traditional motor fraud we have specialist teams to handle claims farming, cross border fraud, organised fraud and complex injury fraud. Our dedicated proactive litigation and sanctions team can recover your costs or payments made on fraudulent claims or pursue sanctions such as contempt and committal or private prosecutions.

Through training, clinics and secondments, we’re able to provide you with visibility on how to reduce your overall exposure and risk to motor fraud claims and obtain the results which suit your business best.

We also have a number of key relationships with law enforcement agencies and industry bodies to ensure that we are consistently involved in the wider industry efforts to tackle the problem of fraud. This involvement provides us with a stream of constantly updated information and insight on the greater issues faced by the counter fraud industry as a whole, allowing us to make better informed decisions when advising our clients.

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“DAC Beachcroft’s Counter Fraud Team continue to provide us with an efficient and effective claims service. They are trusted by our handlers to deliver innovative, commercially astute solutions which support our strategy and philosophy.”
Frances Carr, Motor Claims Fraud Controller. Allianz Insurance

“We required the strongest partner in the market and approached DAC Beachcroft to combine forces.
Together we developed an innovative process. We have taken great value from DAC Beachcroft’s Intelligence and analytics.”
Anthony Madden, Managing Director - InterEurope UK

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