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Who are we?

We recognised the importance of recoveries to our clients 20 years ago and created a dedicated recovery team which is now the largest in the UK, providing coverage across England, Wales and Scotland and we will extend these services into Northern Ireland.

Our recoveries team comprises of over 120 experienced handlers with a proven track record of providing proactive advice to our client and helping them to reduce their indemnity spend.

Our size has allowed us to specialise in recoveries and have client specific teams, allowing a true partnership, with common goals and financial rigour.

Jonathan Bingham leads our dedicated Property Recoveries team. Subrogated commercial and household recoveries are crucial to the cash flow of any business, reducing the overall indemnity spend. Damage and subsequent repair of your customers’ properties is a stressful and costly experience, and our team is able to assist in a sympathetic way. When the damage is caused by a third party and it is commercially viable to do so, recovery should be sought. Claims experience and TCF are important business factors for you to retain and grow your customer base, we recognise this and routinely seek uninsured losses for your customers at no added cost.

We really know and totally understand the property recovery market. Our bespoke team has specialised in property recoveries since 1999. We continually review the outcomes of our cases so we can learn from them and continually approve.

How can we help you?

We support insurers and corporates in handling volume and value property subrogated recoveries. Our cost effective market leading product, streamlines processes through bespoke case management systems and the use of alternative dispute resolution and/or litigation where appropriate. We handle all types of property recoveries from the modest household claims, to the multimillion pound global market corporate claims.

Our recovery team is successful, market leading and we are nice people to work with.

We have a strong track record in property recoveries and are in partnership with a number of large composites insurers together with mono-line insurer, brokers and corporates. We know the property recovery market and our bespoke teams specialise in different areas, from triage, to small claims, to large recoveries.

In the calendar year 2018, we recovered over £45,000,000 for our volume insurer clients’ property books of business and over £1,500,000 in uninsured losses. For one particular client we recovered 9.2% of their household property claims spend in a given year (net of fees). The market average is 3.32% (according to external benchmarking).

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“Going the extra mile”
We have won “going the extra mile” award for one household insurer three years in a row.

“Supplier of the Year 2018”
For a major household insurer.

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Our Lawyers - Jonathan Bingham

Jonathan Bingham

Partner - Head of Recoveries Birmingham

Jonathan Bingham specialises in pursuing motor recoveries on behalf of…

Our Lawyers - Emily Exon

Emily Exon

Partner: Property and Motor Recoveries Bristol

Emily Exon is a litigation lawyer in our Bristol office.

Our Lawyers - Jonathan Hill

Jonathan Hill

Partner Birmingham

Jonathan, who has appeared on BBC Radio in discussing injunctive relief,…

Our Lawyers - John Hinton

John Hinton

Partner Bristol

John Hinton specialises in property-related insurance matters.

Our Lawyers - Ratinder Kaur

Ratinder Kaur

Associate Birmingham

Ratinder Mudhar specialises in pursuing motor recoveries on behalf of…

Our Lawyers - Orla McElroy

Orla McElroy

Associate Belfast

Orla specialises in subrogated property and motor damage recovery claims…

Our Lawyers - Grant Strathdee

Grant Strathdee

Partner Glasgow

Grant is a Partner in our Glasgow office…