Vehicle Hire & Damage
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Vehicle Hire & Damage

Who are we?

DAC Beachcroft’s dedicated Vehicle Hire and Damage team sits within one of the largest national motor teams in the UK, comprising of over 300 lawyers and handling thousands of cases a year. Within the motor team we have a range of dedicated teams including motor injury, vehicle hire, fraud and motor prosecutions.

With offices based in Newcastle, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast and Dublin, we provide a full geographical reach. Our structure uniquely positions us to cater to your needs, wherever the location, and gives us the flexibility and capacity to deal with any urgent issues, immediately.

It is this structure that uniquely positions us to cater to your needs, and offer the flexibility and capacity to deal with any urgent issues, immediately.

Vehicle  hire and damage claims continue to be the subject of radical change. From experience, we know that the best claim outcomes are achieved when a team’s experience and focus is directed to a specialist area.

Our team of lawyers and claims handlers not only have the highest level of procedural and technical skill in the industry, but have elected to become true specialists in Vehicle hire and damage including  credit repair and fraud claims. The industry knowledge, penetration and engagement our team possess is what makes us unique; coupled with our unrivalled claims data, analysis and intelligence we’re able to devise defence strategies across UK borders.

How can we help you?

We believe our rigorous processes, case management system and precedents support our handling strategy; our technical lawyers and claims handlers deliver it.

Cases are front loaded and robustly managed to ensure a prompt and economic settlement is achieved. Our strategies are based on expertise, experience and claims intelligence. We deploy specialist expertise meaning that settlements always represent the right amount paid at the earliest opportunity.

Our systems and strategies have been built specifically with credit hire in mind and are not mere adaptations of something fit for a different purpose. This means that we are sufficiently agile to respond to changes in CHO behaviour or changes in the law, more quickly than both our opponents and our competitors.

We understand the importance of innovation to ensure our position is strongly ahead of CHOs, as well as to maintain a market leading stance. Adopting this approach has led to the successful production of numerous thought leadership publications, including our issue of three Credit Hire Fraud reports. We have also been involved in several of the leading cases on credit hire including Umerji v Khan & Zurich [Court of Appeal Civil division, 25th March 2014] and Stevens v Equity Management [2015] EWCA Civ 93.

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Vehicle Hire & Damage Fraud

“DACB have a wide and varied knowledge of the Credit Hire market. Their investigations are thorough which leads to the correct result when dealing with a case. They are always available for their expert opinion on cases regardless of whether the claim has yet to be presented to them for defence.”

“Our credit hire department has a close working relationship with DAC Beachcroft. We are pleased with their work and had very good results.”

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Our Lawyers - George Aubrey

George Aubrey

Advocate Bristol

George is an advocate in our specialist advocacy service, 8 DAC Beachcroft…

Our Lawyers - Carlé Aven-Kamal

Carlé Aven-Kamal

Advocate Manchester

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Our Lawyers - Jade Batstone

Jade Batstone

Partner Newport

Jade has worked for DAC Beachcroft since 2009…

Our Lawyers - Camilla Bonifai

Camilla Bonifai

Advocate Manchester

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Our Lawyers - Emma Fuller

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Partner - Head of Motor and Casualty Market Strategy Newport

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Our Lawyers - Sam IAnson

Sam I'Anson

Advocate London - Walbrook

Sam is an Advocate in our specialist advocacy service, 8 DAC Beachcroft…

Our Lawyers - James Keogh

James Keogh

Partner Birmingham

James specialises in defending both Credit Hire and fraudulent claims…

Our Lawyers - Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller

Associate Newport

Daniel has worked for DAC Beachcroft for 8 years, coming from the Legal…

Our Lawyers - Ricky Parmar

Ricky Parmar

Barrister London - Walbrook

Call Date: 2015 Ricky is a Barrister in our specialist advocacy service,…

Our Lawyers - Ieuan Poole

Ieuan Poole

Associate Newport

Ieuan specialises in credit hire, providing strategic and technical…

Our Lawyers - Kelly Robinson

Kelly Robinson

Associate Birmingham

Kelly specialises in civil litigation with a focus on vehicle hire and…

Our Lawyers - Madeleine Rose

Madeleine Rose

Advocate London - Walbrook

Maddie is an advocate in our specialist advocacy service, 8 DAC Beachcroft…

Our Lawyers - Kim Tuson

Kim Tuson

Advocate Birmingham

Kim is an Advocate in our specialist advocacy service, 8 DAC Beachcroft…


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