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Police Investigations

Our team of specialist criminal lawyers has extensive experience of providing advice and representation to individuals and independent and public sector providers in criminal investigations, interviews under caution and in the defence of criminal prosecutions.

We are able to provide our clients with:

  • providing 24/7 emergency advice, support and legal representation in interviews under caution to health professionals who have been arrested and detained at the police station
  • advising and supporting individuals and providers during criminal investigations by the police in respect of allegations of assault, wilful neglect, gross negligence manslaughter and corporate manslaughter
  • attending and advising organisations in Incident Coordination Groups convened following a serious untoward incident
  • providing legal advice and representation to individuals and organisations who are invited to attend interviews under caution with the Police
  • advising and representing providers in inquests where the evidence may suggest an individual or organisation is criminally responsible for the death
  • strategic advice to reduce the risk of prosecution
  • the defence of criminal prosecutions where charges are brought
  • delivering training to Board members and managers on dealing with adverse incidents, serious untoward incidents and corporate manslaughter

Examples of our work

  • successfully defending an NHS Trust in the first corporate manslaughter prosecution brought against an NHS Trust and the largest defendant since the Corporate Manslaughter legislation came into force in 2008
  • advising an NHS Trust as employer to a member of nursing staff accused and later convicted of murder, grievous bodily harm and causing a poison to be administered to patients
  • advising medical professionals in interviews under caution in respect of allegations of possession of indecent images, assaults on patients, wilful neglect and gross negligence manslaughter
  • acting as the legal adviser to an independent inquiry to examine incidents at an NHS Trust following the arrest of a member nursing staff charged with murder, attempted murder and administering noxious substances
  • advising in relation to historic allegations of abuse by healthcare professionals

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