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Who are we?

We have a market leading casualty team. Our experience means we are able to tailor the right solution for our customers, working in strategic partnership to deliver expert legal services. We provide seamless services either as standalone subject experts or as part of a wider DAC Beachcroft multidisciplinary team.

We take pride in our ability to deliver complex bespoke solutions in response to unusual and crisis situations as well as in our ability to handle ‘ordinary needs in extraordinary ways’.

Our strengths lie within the following abilities:

  • Breadth of market knowledge, quality, strategic insight and expertise: Our thorough understanding of the businesses we work for, means that we are market leading and innovative on our volume proposition.
  • Trusted Advisors: Many of our Partners and lawyers hold “Trusted Advisor” status with a wide range of clients. This comes from both our experience and expertise in the market but also through how we build relationships with our clients and their customer and partners.
  • Market Insight: The size of our claims portfolio gives us an unrivalled view of the market, which we can use to analyse and compare any individual client’s performance against the market average as visible to us. We are particularly well versed in the use of data analytic tools and consistently produce Know Your Opponent strategies across our Casualty Injury services.
  • Policy Holder Service: We are market leading in the service we provide to our clients’ customers including dedicated customer teams, training, access to 24/7 legal helplines, use of technology, attendance at seminars and events and risk management and advisory services.

Our products:

Disease Claims Handling Complex Injury Casualty Injury
Motor Injury Motor Fraud Casualty Fraud Vehicle Hire & Damage

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Our Lawyers View All

Our Lawyers - Kate Archer

Kate Archer

Partner Manchester

Kate leads the Motor Injury team in Manchester…

Our Lawyers - Helen Arthur

Helen Arthur

Associate Birmingham

Helen specialises in motor fraud…

Our Lawyers - Matthew Atwell

Matthew Atwell

Associate Bristol

Matthew specialises in disease claim litigation…

Our Lawyers - Caroline Bigos

Caroline Bigos

Associate Birmingham

Caroline specialises in motor fraud, with a focus on cross border fraud…

Our Lawyers - Peter Campbell

Peter Campbell

Partner Belfast

Peter specialises in complex and large loss litigation…

Our Lawyers - Alison Cassidy

Alison Cassidy

Partner Belfast

Alison has over 15 years’ experience acting for clients across a range of…

Our Lawyers - Georgia Court

Georgia Court

Partner Birmingham

Georgia Court has an extensive background in litigation, specialising in…

Our Lawyers - Paul Cox

Paul Cox

Partner Birmingham

Paul is a Partner in our complex and catastrophic injury team in…

Our Lawyers - Elizabeth Duley

Elizabeth Duley

Partner Birmingham

Liz Duley specialises in insurance litigation and personal injury work

Our Lawyers - David Fardy

David Fardy

Barrister Bristol

David is a barrister in our specialist advocacy service, 8 DAC Beachcroft…

Our Lawyers - Ellie Finch

Ellie Finch

Associate Bristol

Ellie is a Defendant Casualty Injury Associate in our Bristol Office…

Our Lawyers - Emma Fuller

Emma Fuller

Partner - Head of Vehicle Hire & Damage Newport

Emma Fuller is the National Head of Vehicle Hire & Damge dealing with…

Our Lawyers - Barrie Hall

Barrie Hall

Associate Manchester

Barrie Hall is a casualty lawyer in our Manchester office

Our Lawyers - Annie Hawkins

Annie Hawkins

Associate Birmingham

Annie specialises in handling large loss and complex injury matters of…

Our Lawyers - Emma Jackson

Emma Jackson

Partner Bristol

Emma Jackson is a Partner and leads the Casualty Injury team in Bristol…

Our Lawyers - Tess Jones

Tess Jones

Associate Bristol

Tess Jones is an insurance lawyer in our Bristol office

Our Lawyers - Steven Keenan

Steven Keenan


Steven has over 10 years’ experience advising and acting for clients…

Our Lawyers - Helen Laight

Helen Laight

Associate Newcastle

Helen has over 15 years of litigation experience and specialises in…

Our Lawyers - Claire Laver

Claire Laver

Partner Birmingham

Claire Laver is a fraud lawyer in our Birmingham office.

Our Lawyers - Lindsay Macdonald

Lindsay Macdonald

Associate Leeds

Lindsay is an Associate in Casualty-Injury and specialises in providing…

Our Lawyers - David Magee

David Magee

Associate Glasgow

David specialises in providing advice to insurers and defending litigated…

Our Lawyers - Naomi Marshall

Naomi Marshall

Associate Manchester

Naomi specialises in complex personal injury claims and has over 25 years’…

Our Lawyers - Helen Mason

Helen Mason

Partner - Head of Vehicle Hire & Damage Fraud Birmingham

Helen Mason is head of Vehicle Hire and Damage Fraud

Our Lawyers - Keith Mathews

Keith Mathews

Partner Birmingham Glasgow

Keith specialises in insurance litigation…

Our Lawyers - Julia Maxwell

Julia Maxwell

Associate Newcastle

Julia specialises in advising insurers on setting a strategy, both from a…

Our Lawyers - Michael McLarnon

Michael McLarnon

Associate Belfast

Michael joined McKinty and Wright in March 2017 with a background of…

Our Lawyers - Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller

Associate Newport

Daniel has worked for DAC Beachcroft for 8 years, coming from the Legal…

Our Lawyers - Bilal Mirza

Bilal Mirza

Consultant - Head of Sports Insurance London - Walbrook

Bilal specialises in Insurance, Sports and Events…

Our Lawyers - Shaun ONeil

Shaun O'Neil

Partner Newcastle

Shaun specialises in defending employers and public liability claims,…

Our Lawyers - Neville Sampson

Neville Sampson

Associate Birmingham

Neville specialises in defendant personal injury investigating and…

Our Lawyers - Katie Scarpato

Katie Scarpato

Associate Newport

Katie specialises in all aspects of motor claims handling…

Our Lawyers - Kevan Smith

Kevan Smith

Partner Birmingham

Kevan specialises in insurance litigation and personal injury with a…

Our Lawyers - Michelle Traxler

Michelle Traxler

Partner London - Walbrook

Michelle specialises in defending catastrophic injury claims arising from…

Our Lawyers - Stephanie Welsher

Stephanie Welsher

Partner Newport

Stephanie specialises in insurance litigation and personal injury with a…


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