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DAC Beachcroft's Digital Healthcare Technology Report 2019

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Digital Healthcare Technology: Enabling Clinicians, Empowering Patients

Technology is revolutionising NHS care. At the forefront of this revolution are apps and data platforms that promote seamless data sharing, and digital first care powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Alongside this, the use of wearables is engaging patients in the management of their care and provides opportunity for better data analysis. A fresh ‘digital charge’ is being led by an enthused Health and Social Care Secretary, who has banned the purchase of fax machines, committed to ‘purging the pager’ and told staff to communicate digitally to promote information sharing: the digital revolution is gaining pace.

In this collection, experts in information sharing, primary care and mental health have shared their insight into how the use of technology is developing in the NHS, the practical benefits, and some of the challenges to overcome.

Technology is often heralded as a way to make the NHS more efficient, provide a more seamless service to patients, and to save money. However, critical to any successful implementation of new tech will be the cultural transformation required to embed digital healthcare technologies. This requires investment, education, and training for staff to change entrenched working practices and attitudes.

Patient safety is paramount, and clear legal frameworks for the assessment of such new technology must provide both confidence to patients and assurance to purchasing NHS organisations.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our six expert participants: Paul Bate (Managing Director, NHS Services at Babylon Health), Christopher Hilton (Director of Strategy and Clinical Director for Integrated Care, West London NHS Trust), Hugh Lloyd-Jukes (Chief Executive of Oxehealth), Sam Shah (Director of Digital Development at NHS England), Susan Sinclair (Chief Executive at AT Medics) and Murat Soncul (Head of Information Governance at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust).

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Digital healthcare technology: information sharing

Digital healthcare technology: information sharing

09 April 2019

Digital healthcare technology: mental health

Digital healthcare technology: mental health

09 April 2019

Digital Healthcare Technology Report 2019

Digital Healthcare Technology Report 2019

09 April 2019

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