Organised Fraud

With one of the largest dedicated counter fraud teams in the UK and global reach, we are here to support you with innovative solutions. Our team has the skills and experience to robustly defend you against organised fraud. Working across a wide breadth of sectors combined with our size and scale means we are always one step ahead of the latest trends and information which we can use to your advantage.


We develop bespoke counter fraud strategies which tackle large scale organised fraud for insurers in a variety of industries, including motor, property, and casualty claims.

Our team of experts individually assess each investigation, finding the right balance between a robust stance against organised fraud and focusing on the technical and procedural issues, defeating fraudulent claims efficiently.

Our expertise covers fraud suspected of being organised by individuals, key facilitators or organised crime groups.

Our team is particularly skilled in:

  • Policy inception and claims fraud.
  • Staged or induced accidents.
  • Fraud perpetrated by key nominal(s) and facilitators such as accident management companies, medical agencies or experts.
  • Organised fraud involving multiple insurers and coordinating joint strategies and litigation tactics.
  • Assisting insurers with referrals to industry bodies such as the Insurance Fraud Bureau as well as police or regulator referrals.
  • Use of evidence and technology in litigation including telematics and telephone data, as well as ANPR, CCTV and other video footage.
  • Advising on committal and private prosecutions.
  • Fraud recoveries.

We believe organised fraud is best handled by a specialist team, with the right skills, training and experience to achieve the best results with proactive, data led solutions.

What our clients say

  • DAC Beachcroft’s Intelligence Forum is a market leading event, which Hastings Direct Insurance always get value from. DAC Beachcroft have identified a number of significant organised fraud rings for Hastings and we have developed fraud operations as a direct result of this event. Professional delivery by the intelligence staff at DAC Beachcroft and the involvement of key law enforcement stakeholders ensures that this is a key event which I attend every quarter.

    Dave Wood, Head of Specialist Investigations Unit, Hastings Direct

  • I think DACB’s intel sessions are market leading as the variety, detail and interactivity are 1st class.

  • DACB's Intelligence Team provided insightful reports and verbal briefs to support us around an internal investigation. The intelligence work included detailed open and closed source research which was presented really clearly and in an easily consumable format, as well as being supplemented by a debrief on it. The intelligence product assisted, and gave confidence, in our decision making to enable us in achieving the right outcome of the case.

Organised Fraud key contacts

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