Securities Brokers

We provide regulatory and commercial advice to securities brokers as well as advising on disputes with clients and investigations and enforcement actions by regulators. We advise on conduct of business as usual matters (such as customer agreements, trading advice, employee relations, data protection) and on sensitive and strategic matters such as major compliance breaches.


As well as supporting "business as usual", we are regularly called upon to advise on sensitive and strategic issues, including where notifications to regulators may be required. This includes litigation and potential litigation with customers and firms facing regulatory enforcement and other interventions by the Financial Services Authority and regulators in other jurisdictions.

We regularly advise in the following areas:

  • Customer journey and customer agreements
  • Other commercial agreements
  • Trading and handling trading errors
  • Dialogue with the FCA and other regulators
  • UK and EU financial services regulation, including MiFID II as onshored
  • Governance and SMCR
  • Data protection and technology
  • Internal investigations into suspected compliance breaches
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Dispute resolution, including customer disputes
  • Day to day and strategic employment law issues

Featured experience

  • Advising a global securities, forex and CFD broker on handling negative balances on customer accounts caused by the Swiss government removing the Swiss franc currency peg in 2015. Advised on dialogue with the FCA and other EU and global regulators regarding the appropriate handling of impacted retail and corporate customers

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