Motor Fraud

As one of the largest dedicated Counter Fraud teams in the country, comprising of 115 lawyers in the UK and Republic of Ireland, acting for more than 35 clients and handling more than 5,000 claims per year, we are always one step ahead of trends in motor fraud. Our legal experts are underpinned by an intelligence team of almost 30 analysts, statisticians, and data scientists utilising a suite of digital tools, with strong links to the IFB (including Affiliate membership) and IFED.


We specialise in defending opportunistic and organised fraud, at both pre-litigation, litigation and recoveries and sanctions. We provide strategic advice and recommend innovative tactics to defeat fraudulent claims as quickly as possible.

Our experienced team deals with the whole spectrum of fraudulent claims in the motor sector. We have the flexibility, experience and capacity to deal with any queries and instructions no matter how urgent so you can get the help you need, when you need it.

With an increase in fraudulent claims, we’ve also led the way with proactive, data led solutions focussing on trends and behaviours in motor fraud. We’re working with AI companies to keep improving these tools.

These developments include DataFlag, our comprehensive data washing service which maintains the integrity, accuracy, and compliance of our data and uses a unique set of algorithms accompanied by an assessment by our Intelligence Team. As a result, we avoid false positives.

We aim to maximise your savings and minimise disruption by adopting a proactive stance against fraud.

Working in partnership with you achieves the best results, so we agree best outcomes, provide training, define counter fraud strategies, reduce indemnity spend and improve fraud identification.

Featured experience

  • Molodi v Cambridge Vibration Maintenance Services and Another [2018] (QB): This case is an example of where we truly defined dishonesty in bodily injury claims. We advised that where claimants have lied or been so inconsistent as to be unreliable, the court should be reluctant to accept the claim as genuine and dismissal of the claim or a finding under section 57 of the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 should be considered.
  • We achieved savings of £270k and, alongside Aviva, we changed the landscape of defining dishonesty in BI claims, with the verdict advising county court judges to approach whiplash claims with a degree of caution, if not suspicion.
  • This case has had tremendous impact in motor and has been utilised by all defendant firms when looking at cases of concern.

What our clients say

  • The team have a great relationship with DACB more to the point that they're very confident in lifting the phone to DACB. Each one has an assigned mentor within the DACB team, so they've got a good working relationship with their peer, which has worked really well.

  • I think DACB’s intel sessions are market leading as the variety, detail and interactivity are 1st class.

  • I would definitely see DACB as fraud experts as that is what we use them for, but I do know they have a lot of insight into all aspects of claims handling.

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