Supervising Solicitors Service

We act as supervising solicitors on behalf of leading law firms in London and throughout the country. Our team has unparalleled expertise gained from its vast experience in search orders, both as supervising solicitors and advising directly on cases concerning commercial fraud, intellectual property infringement, wrongful use of data, and confidential information.


The service and execution of a search order is a demanding and stressful process, particularly for multi-site searches. Successful enforcement requires compliant, decisive action with all steps being carefully observed and recorded in a comprehensive report to the Court.

Following execution, the supervising solicitor will continue fulfilling their duties to the Court in determining how to proceed with the interrogation of any electronic documentation, overseeing that process, reporting to the Court and complying with further directions. Increasingly, supervising solicitors are also asked to help in the police investigations that sometimes follow a search order.

Without compromising their independence and obligations, our supervising solicitors are able to provide guidance on technical, practical and logistical matters to ensure that any search order is executed as smoothly as possible.

We can assemble a team to suit your needs at very short notice, for any situation, including those where the respondent to a search order is likely to be an unaccompanied female.

The team has supervised more than 20 Search Orders in the past few years, including several multi-site searches.

Featured experience

  • In TBD (Owen Holland) Limited v Andrew Simons litigation, the High Court Judge endorsed the suggested course of action proposed to the parties by Simon Thomas as supervising solicitor, describing it as "sensible", "pragmatic" and "appropriate", faced with an "unworkable" key provision of the search order. Following judicial recommendations in that case that a standard form imaging order be prepared "as a matter of urgency", one was subsequently added as Annex B to CPR PD 25A in 2022.

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