We are a leading adviser to the education sector, providing a range of legal services to schools, colleges, universities, and Government bodies. As trusted education sector advisers, we help you seize growth opportunities while protecting you from potential complications.


Our extensive experience in the sector gives us a large bank of knowledge and understanding, enabling us to advise on a range of areas. These include:

Student and regulatory matters

 We regularly advise institutions on contentious and non-contentious matters, and wider regulatory matters, including student contracts, policy development, and discrimination policies and procedures.

Charity governance

Our team support all aspects of charity law and governance, such as M&A, investment and borrowing, and overseas franchising, to name a few. We also have experience advising charities structured as Royal Charter Corporations.

Employment, pensions and immigration

 Our team advises on all aspects of employment law, where we offer solutions tailored to every situation. Some of our solutions include a HR helpline, an employment tribunal unit, MI reporting capabilities, and access to pension specialists.

Commercial, procurement and subsidy control

 We provide comprehensive support on all aspects of commercial law and contractual arrangements, advising on grant and research agreements, IT and technology contracts, IP and brand management, and subsidy control, to name a few.

Information law and cyber security

Our team have extensive experience advising on information law and compliance with data protection legislation. With education institutions increasingly facing cyber risks, we provide a 24/7 advice hotline to lawyers and experienced PR consultants who advise on the actions required to mitigate exposure.

Featured experience

  • Advising a higher education institution on amendments to its governing instrument
  • Advising a university college on its potential status as an exempt charity and the advantages of no longer being registered with the Charity Commission
  • Advising a university on the acquisition of, and then creation of a joint venture partnership, to develop a large former hospital site as a health innovation neighbourhood
  • Advising a university on the procurement and completion of a substantial (£100M+) construction contract required to develop a large academic facility and supporting student accommodation
  • Providing strategic advice to a number of universities on pension risk, and implementing pension risk reduction exercises

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