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Fintan specialises in legacy claims of abuse and neglect across all settings.

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    Fintan specialises in legacy claims of abuse and neglect across all settings

    He has over 15 years’ experience advising clients across a range of sectors including institutional, clerical and charitable sectors. He also has extensive experience in Public Inquiry work having represented parties in the Bloody Sunday Inquiry, The Inquiry into Hyponatraemia Deaths in Children and the Historic Institutional Abuse Inquiry (where he represented 5 different parties).  He appeared before the Executive Office Committee prior to the creation of the Historic Institutional Abuse Inquiry.

    Fintan has been involved in negotiated settlements, contested actions and ADR resolutions for numerous clients (including multi claimant and multi defendant cases).  He has successfully defended actions in the High Court on limitation grounds and has negotiated apportionment arrangements with co-defendants. He has taken part in custom designed ADR processes in multi-claimant actions allowing for resolution in a cost effective way. 

    Fintan has advised clients in criminal matters for alleged non-disclosure of allegations particularly under S5 Criminal Law Act (Northern Ireland) 1967.


    Una Irvine v Sisters of Nazareth [2015]NIQB 94  -  case contested on basis of the irrevocable time bar for cases where the cause of action accrues before 1953.  Case was dismissed and defendant was successful

    Michael McKee v Sisters of Nazareth [2015] NIQB 94 – case successful defended on limitation grounds

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  • Gouvernement et secteur public

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  • Conseil stratégique

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