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Douglas Adlam a travaillé dans le domaine des dommages corporels, y compris EL, PL, maladies motrices et industrielles tout au long de sa carrière, ainsi que dans le domaine de l’indemnisation professionnelle en grande partie basée sur les blessures.

Douglas a eu des succès devant la Cour d’appel, notamment Matthews c. Metal Improvement Company, Vicar of Spalding c. Chubb Fire et a été le seul appelant ayant obtenu gain de cause dans les affaires de partialité judiciaire Timmins c. Gormley(Fr)

About Cara

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    Cara specialises in complex financing transactions and restructurings, advising the full range of stakeholders including banks, funds, alternative lenders, borrowers, pension scheme trustees, insolvency practitioners and government entities.

    Cara has over twenty years’ experience advising clients on matters including syndicated secured lending, cross border financing, consensual restructuring, CVAs, administrations, receiverships and schemes of arrangement.

    Relevant experience at DAC Beachcroft and previous firms includes:

    • Advising the Ministry of Defence on the finance and restructuring aspects of acquisition of Sheffield Forgemasters to secure the supply of components for the MOD’s critical existing and future defence programmes*
    • Advising a European investment bank on the financial and group restructuring of an Italian headquartered European hotel chain*
    • Advising HM Treasury on the development of the Sovereign Infrastructure Guarantee product made available to the market by UK Infrastructure Bank to support the bank in achieving policy aims set for it of levelling up and investment in infrastructure and renewable energy*
    • Advising a well-known investment bank on the provision of a secured super senior facility to a European media group, involving a shared Europe-wide security package and complex intercreditor arrangements*
    • Advising various clearing banks on amending facilities (i) to incorporate CLBILS loans (during 2020) and (ii) to replace LIBOR as the interest rate basis (during 2021)*

    * Completed whilst at previous firm

Sector Expertise
  • Services financiers

Service Expertise
  • Banque, restructuration et insolvabilité



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