We offer an extensive range of legal services focused on insurance recovery and claims subrogation in areas such as damages, transportation, civil liability, and financial lines. Our team, comprising solely of highly qualified lawyers, is dedicated passionately to this specific field.

Focus on Results and Negotiation Expertise

Our approach revolves around optimizing outcomes for our clients. We competitively tailor our fees to the individual needs of each case. With vast experience in extrajudicial processes, negotiation with national and international companies is crucial.

Comprehensive Management of Recovery Actions

We manage recovery actions, both judicial and extrajudicial, from the initial incident notification to resolution, involving national and international parties across Latin America and Europe. With a presence in the key jurisdictions of these regions, we provide a comprehensive and effective service.

Extensive Experience in Transportation Recoveries and Liability Analysis

We have extensive experience in recovering transportation costs and analysing the liability of carriers, freight forwarders, and third parties. Successfully managing maritime recovery portfolios for major insurers, we refine strategies to avoid liability limits.

Proven Skill in Extrajudicial Negotiations and Judicial Procedures

We've demonstrated our ability in extrajudicial negotiations and judicial procedures, significantly enhancing recoveries in complex cases.

In summary, we offer a comprehensive approach supported by a team of highly specialised experts with extensive experience in recoveries and subrogation, backed by a solid track record in the sector.

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Qui sommes-nous ?

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Nous sommes un cabinet commercial à large assise, au service d'un grand nombre de secteurs, avec un solide héritage dans les domaines de l'assurance, de la santé (
) et de l'immobilier. Nous combinons d'excellentes compétences juridiques et une expertise de pointe en matière d'exécution pour concevoir des solutions
qui répondent aux besoins de nos clients - souvent en utilisant intelligemment la technologie.

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